Introducing Car eWallet

We envision mobility to be simple. Effortless, seamless, convenient, autonomous and connected. This idea needs a basis to build upon. We call it the Car eWallet. It is a technological transaction platform, that allows a full end-to-end integration of mobility services, vehicles and infrastructure. We enable cars to become business entities on their own to autonomously pay for services like parking or charging.

The Car eWallet is the response to a self-driving future.

Use Cases


Car eWallet makes charging so simple that it works for all charging stations out there. No need to manage various accounts at different service providers anymore. All infrastructure is integrated end-to-end. Just plug in and charge.


Car eWallet makes parking as simple as it gets. Just park your car. Everything else is handled by your vehicle. Location-based, context-specific. So why bother?


Car eWallet makes paying for toll so effortless that it vanishes. No need to stop for traffic fees.

Car sharing

The digital eWallet allows to accept payments just like a real wallet. It is also possible to authorize vehicle access for third parties. Instead of standing unselessly in a parking lot, the Car eWallet can make cars available for use to car sharing portals and collect fees from the temporary users.

Car pass

Car eWallet allows to build an immutable car pass. This changes the ways we buy and sell used verhicles and leads to an unprecedented level of trust and transparency.


Built on blockchain. Ready for the future.

Car eWallet benefits from the vast technological advantages of the Blockchain and decentralized networks. It allows us to build a truly open platform with low transaction costs, no creditor risk and full security due to a immutable history of transactions.

Furthermore, it removes the need to rely on one central, trusted third party. Instead, a cryptographically secure record of all transactions on the basis of smart contracts is stored as a chain of data blocks on many computers and balanced out by a corresponding list generated by all participants.

Shared ledger

Transaction records sharing across the business network

Smart contract

Automated execution of contracts stored in transaction data base


Direct settlement of transactions increases trust across the network
What is Car eWallet?

The Car eWallet is a platform that allows the car to process transactions autonomously and in real-time via the Blockchain.

What for do I need Car eWallet?

To process autonomous transactions for mobility services such as tolls, parking, energy charging and potential future use cases.

Which business cases work with your Car eWallet?

Any you could imagine. We are, however, focusing on mobility services around automobiles. So, if you think your service is a match, drop us a line.

What are the costs of a Car eWallet enabled business?

It depends. The Car eWallet system is based on micro transactions that generate micro fees. The market offering and commercial specifications, however, will be worked out after a proof-of-concept.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology can be defined as an online protocol that processes transactions on the basis of smart contracts in a decentralized system of distributed ledgers to reach consensus and create trust.

How does the payment work? Do I have to press something or does it work automatically?

It can be both, fully automated or manual. Transactions that are fully autonomous require approval by the user though.

What makes the Car eWallet a platform to trust?

Backed by ZF, the Car eWallet is able to provide every part of the value chain on both technological as well as business levels. Hence, the implementation will be of highest reliability and stability, providing a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

I am interested in further talks. What do I have to do?

We are excited to explore how Car eWallet can bring your service to the next level. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you.